Friday, 20 July 2018

20 Litres of Whisky

Oh.. the Scotch-man's wet dream.. Your own whisky... .

The marvellous Manly Spirits are currently (but not for long) offering a barrel deal.
40 or 20 Litres of their finest malt spirit, entombed in a custom-made oak barrel, held in bond for 24 months, bottled to your specifications, and labelled uniquely.

Well, it took me some time, but I managed to cobble together three blokes to go four ways in a 20L purchase. Sure, the $1,000 investment (each) might seem risky.... The Nant Whisky saga continues today, casting doubt over barrel programmes.

But hats off to Rob, John and Kieron who came to the party and are sharing the risk.

Mind you, the decision was made infinitely easier by Manly's head, David Whittaker, who offered a year-old sample from 40 litres of sherry-wood malt.

Candied fruit, Christmas cake, and a cask-strength heat to remind that this is no beginner's game. Rich, powerful, and a big future.

Dave, here's our money.

Now for the 2 year wait (sigh)...

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